Backpacking Tips for Solo Backpacker

solo backpacker

The peace, quiet, and serenity of a solo backpacking trip is hard to beat. It’s just you and the wilderness as the trail flows by under your feet. You make all the decisions, when to stop, where to camp, and how fast you want to hike. It is truly a unique experience that anyone who backpacks should enjoy at least once. As a solo backpacker you also need to be aware that you are more vulnerable because you are out there on your own. You are in a more dangerous position simply because you are alone with nobody to help you if something does happen. For this reason you need to take steps to make your trek into the wilderness safer.

Here are 7 Solo Backpacking Tips

1. Always tell someone where you are going, when you are going, and when you plan to return. Leave a map with them showing your planned route along with the dates of your trip.

2. Bring your cell phone. Turn it off to save the battery and put it in your pack. If you need it you’ll have it. Cell coverage is pretty much non-existent in the wild but it may just save your life.

3. Double check your emergency/safety items and make sure they are in your pack. First aid kit, water-proof matches, iodine tablets, emergency blanket, whistle, mirror, etc all need to make the trip with you.

4. Match your route to your abilities. If you have a bad knee or some other issue stick to well traveled trails where you stand a better chance of seeing other hikers and backpackers.

5. Learn to read a map and how to use a compass. Knowing where you are and the way out is vitally important, even when you take a side hike off your main route.

6. Stay within your abilities. Don’t plane to hike 20 miles per day if you’ve never done that before. In fact you should plan to set your expectations a little below what you would do if you were backpacking with a group.

7. You will need to lighten your load. Because you are no longer sharing the load for all your equipment like a tent, cooking gear, and other items you need to make sure you do not overload your pack. Read up on lightweight backpacking and go through your equipment list carefully. There is more risk associated with solo backpacking but the rewards of a well planned trip can make it well worth it.

Top US Travel Destinations You Must Visit

It is not a secret that a lot of people visit the United States often just to be able to have a vacation. However, not a lot of people are aware of the different and top travel destinations that they should not miss once they finally decide to visit the US. Because of this, the different US travel destinations that people should visit will be discussed in this article to give people a better idea about them.

travel USA

New York

The first on the list of the places that people should visit when they decide to go to the US is New York City. One of the reasons why this is considered as the top destination in the United States is because this is where some of the most popular tourist attractions can be found; some of these attractions are the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. Truly, because of these attractions, it is not surprising to know that New York is considered as one of the most popular cities in the US.

Los Angeles

The second on the list of destinations that people shouldn’t miss is Los Angeles; the reason why LA is considered as the second of the top travel destinations in the US is because this is where most of the international celebrities can be seen. In addition to this, people will also be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and shopping destinations in this city.


Another destination that people should visit is Chicago; this city has been given the name “Second City” next to New York because it is the second biggest and most populated city in the United States. A lot of people would really be able to enjoy the museums, shopping, restaurants and even the skyline that can be found in Chicago. The fourth on the list is Washington, D.C., which is the capital of the United States; one reason why this is a must-visit place is because of the various monuments and museums that can be visited by families.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is fifth on the list simply because a lot of people visit this city for the sole purpose of trying their luck in casinos. But what people fail to realize is that Vegas is not just about casinos because it also offers people world-class shows, shopping locations, and even restaurants that will allow people to enjoy.

San Francisco

San Francisco can be found on the sixth spot on the list because this is where one of the most popular landmarks of the US is found – the Golden Gate Bridge. But more than this, San Francisco is an ideal destination for those people who are fond of nature and adventures. Hawaii is number seven on the list because this is the first place that comes to the mind most especially if one is fond of going to the beach. Not to mention, going to Hawaii also makes people feel like they are far from civilization and their everyday life.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is also included in the top travel destinations that can be found in the US because it amazingly displays how nature can create different wonders. In addition to this, Grand Canyon is also not that hard to find because it is considered by a lot of people as one of the top National Parks in the US.


Florida houses some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, along with Disneyworld, making it one of the most popular destinations in the United States most especially if people would like to explore the different theme parks available. The last on the list of the top destinations in the US is New Orleans; if people just want to enjoy and experience the Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, and basically just have fun, this is the perfect destination.


Hawaii is also another destination that people should consider going to most especially if they are looking forward to spending some time in the beach. In addition to the beaches offered by this city, people will also be able to enjoy the different attractions available such as the National Park, caves and even waterfalls.


Ohio is another place that travellers should spend some time on visiting considering that it gives people the chance to become closer to nature. To be more specific, most of the attractions found in this city are more often than not related to the river found in Ohio; aside from this, a museum, a market and even a national park can be enjoyed by the tourists.

Puerto Rico

Aside from Hawaii, Puerto Rico is another destination that people should take the time to explore most especially when they are interested in doing activities related to the beach. For instance, there’s island hopping, snorkelling.

Exotic Travel Destinations

People enjoy different things when it comes to traveling but still one place manages to be among the top preferences when it comes to travel destinations: exotic travel destinations are most of the times described as a piece of heaven on earth.

The world if filled which such places as we have been blessed with a wonderful Planet which offers us diversity and beauty of all kinds, all we need to do is try our best to maintain these places as beautiful and visit them as often as possible. It would be a shame not to be able to enjoy and see how diverse and beautiful our planet is so do travel as much as possible.

The evolution we have experienced in the past century has allowed people to travel all over the wold in a matter of hours making traveling a pleasure. This allows people to visit different places on Earth in short amounts of time, as we live in a world where time is very precious. To help you choose one of the perfect exotic travel destinations in the world try to take into considerations the following destinations as they are superb and worth admiring:

bora bora

Bora Bora

Considered to be a piece of heaven, Bora Bora has been a constant tourist attraction due to it’s lovely location in the Pacific Ocean. As it is an island that is not easy to reach, Bora Bora remains a place seemingly untouched by pollution, with crystal clear blue water, coral reefs, white sand and lovely water bungalows. Being an island which nowadays depends on tourism, Bora Bora can offer you the luxury and entertainment of your life, depending on personal preference. Fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, are only a few fun things the island has to offer along with its wonderful scenery. A symphony of color will help you relax and enjoy your time spent here.




This gorgeous place found in the Pacific Ocean has quickly made itself world renowned due to the lovely scenery offered. Fiji is actually composed out of a variety of tiny islands, a number of 333 out of which Viti Levu and Vanua Levu stand out. Fiji is a wonderful exotic destination which will offer you wonderful scenery, 5 star resorts, gorgeous beaches, diving, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, parasailing and sky-diving opportunities. A cultural feast are offered by traditional dancing sessions by locals, which will be a delight to watch.


Hawaii pertains to the United States and is located in the Pacific Ocean. The state of Hawaii incorporates most of the volcanic Hawaiian Island chain, meaning it is formed out of hundreds of small islands. A wonderful destination, Hawaii has been attracting people all over the world whether for their honeymoon or for their personal pleasure. Being an exotic place, Hawaii can offer you gorgeous scenery, lovely beaches, fauna and flora as well as fun activities like diving, dancing, snorkeling, etc.


Some of the most luxurious hotels offer their services just so you can benefit from everything you desire. These must see islands will help lift your spirit and contribute to changing your vision about the Earth as they are “torn places of heaven”.

Travel Destinations For Honeymoon

There are plenty of travel destinations for honeymoon to choose from for your honeymoon. Depending on what is in the mind of the honeymooners there are many possible locations to enjoy the honeymoon. Around the world you will find all kinds of different places where a beautiful romantic honeymoon can take place. You can choose from an exotic paradise in a distant tropical island, the excitement and nonstop adventure of a big city or the calm and beautiful scenario of the desert.


In the Caribbean you will find many of the travel spots preferred by the people. Beautiful islands like Aruba, Jamaica, St Lucia, the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas located in the Caribbean will provide a fantastic view of the beach and the immensity of the sea from the comfort of your resort. Other locations like Hawaii, Tahiti and Fiji in the Pacific Ocean are perfect for a relaxed and calmed time. These islands contain volcanoes if you enjoy watching these wonders of nature as well.
Mindful research and preparation are definitely required to enjoy your trip entirely. For long travels and far distances, scheduling and preparation should be handled in advance.  Don’t forget to make a checklist for all your belongings that you want to take with you.
The amusement park was established in 1957 and it was dedicated to all of the world’s children. To give you an idea how much things have changed since 1957 the admission on opening day was a low 19 cents! Santa’s Land was right off of Route 5 when it first opened, which was actually a major highway back then and went all the way from New Haven, Connecticut, to the border of Canada. Families all across New England loved Santa’s Land and it was managed by Poppele and his daughter for at least a decade.
China is a vast country covering eight time zones. It’s climate varies considerably. Summers can be hot and sticky and the winters extremely cold so the best months are in Spring and Autumn. Consult a good guide book for the temperatures that you can experience at the time of your planned travel so that you can dress appropriately.
Many cities in the United States are also great destinies for a honeymoon. The state of Alaska is one of the places that get a lot of attention because of the romantic and relaxed scenery of the white snow covered fields. Colorado with the Grand Canyon and Florida with a huge coast of wonderful beaches are some intriguing places to consider for a honeymoon as well. The world is a big place so where you chose your honeymoon to be surely is going to be great as long you feel it’s the right place.

Traveling Cheap Tips

cheap travel

The world is in an economic crisis and tourism has slowed down all over the world, which can mean big savings for savvy travelers. Cheap travel is possible if you’re willing to plan ahead and do a little research. Make the most out of your dollar with these tips on traveling cheap:

Be flexible with your travel dates. Traveling is always more expensive during the times when people travel the most: holidays, spring break, weekends. Flights in the middle of the week are less expensive than on the weekends. Cheap flights aren’t hard to find if you’re willing to do some research. Look into trains or car rentals to see what options are the least expensive. Overnight trains can be a very economical option because you’re combining traveling and lodging costs into one, all the while catching up on your sleep!

Many large cities, especially in Europe, are best seen by walking or bicycling. Amsterdam and Paris, for example, have excellent bike-rental systems which are a great alternative to expensive taxis. Ask about different passes for the metro or bus – sometimes day or weekly passes are cheaper than buying one ticket at a time.

Hostels are a great inexpensive alternative to hotels. While some hostels can still be downright scary, it’s not always the case. Some hostels offer private rooms with private baths just like a hotel but without the hefty price tag. Hostels may not be the most luxurious of accommodations but traveling cheap requires a few sacrifices. Besides, how much time are you really going to spend in your room anyways?

Eating out for every meal can add up very quickly. Set a budget ahead of time to avoid overspending. Balance out several cheap meals with one nicer one. Scour guide books or ask locals about the tiny restaurants located off the beaten path with the smaller prices. Planning ahead and shopping at grocery stores for snacks, bottled water, and simple items for sandwiches is a great way to travel cheap, as is bringing snacks from home.

Take advantage of AAA or student discounts. Many hostels and hotels give students a discount, as do certain attractions such as tours, shows, museum passes, etc… It never hurts to ask!

Backpacking Europe Budget Guide

europe backpacking_tips

Full of history, great culture and beautiful architecture and natural landscapes, Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive. Finding a cheap flight is a good way to start saving money on your European trip, however once you are there, accommodation, food and transport costs can quickly chew through your budget. Although Europe can be expensive, there are many ways to save money and travel this great continent even if you are a budget traveller. Here are some europe budget tips on how to travel Europe.


Hostels: One of the best ways to save money in Europe is to stay in hostels. You may think that hostels are only for 20 something backpackers looking to party, but in truth there are hostel options for all types of travellers. The cheapest hostel rooms are known as dorms, where you get your own bed in a shared room that usually house from 4-10 people, as well as a shared bathroom. Most hostels also offer private rooms, some just as nice as a hotel room but at a much cheaper price.

Camping: Even cheaper than hostels, camping can be a great option. In Europe there is an excellent amount of convenient camp grounds, often even within major cities. And these camp grounds have excellent facilities such as bathrooms, cooking areas and shuttle buses to take you to the nearest town or city.

Last minute deals, multiple night stays and advanced bookings: If you want to stay in hotels, there are still plenty of ways to save money. Often hotels will offer last minute deals if they have plenty of rooms available, and give a great discount. Many hotels also offer discounts for booking more than a certain amount of nights, while others offer discounts if you book well in advance. It’s a good idea to look around on hotel sites and see what is available.

Apartments: If you’re staying in a certain city for a few weeks or more, renting an apartment can be a very affordable option. The longer you stay, the more options there are to save money. For example some apartments can be rented on a weekly basis, while others are monthly. This is also a great option if you are travelling with a few people to share the cost.


Cook your own: If you are staying in a hostel, camping or renting an apartment, it is likely that you will have kitchen facilities available. Buying your food at a supermarket and cooking it your self will save you a lot of money. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat every meal like this, but even one meal a day will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Eat local: Eating where the locals eat can be a lot cheaper than eating where the tourists eat, and usually the food will be a lot better too. Often restaurants that are located close to tourist attractions will leave you with a hefty bill, while you may be able to walk a couple of blocks away and find a nice restaurant for half the price! Usually the locals know best.

Street food/take away: It’s not unusual to find different food carts or eateries located around a city, and they are a great option for saving money on food. For example: For only a couple of dollars you could buy a nice slice of Pizza in Rome, a Crepe in Paris, or a Bratwurst in Berlin.


Rail pass: One of the best ways to travel in Europe is on the train, and a great way to save money on train fares is to buy a rail pass. There are many different passes available from single country passes to complete passes that allow you to travel all over the continent. It entirely depends on your trip, but a rail pass can literally save you hundreds of dollars.

Tourist passes: Many cities in Europe have special tourist passes that you can buy, and they usually give you free use of their public transport systems, and also offer free or discounted entry to attractions and museums in the city.

Walking and cycling: One of the best ways to see a city is on foot. You will always see more and have a great experience, it gives you lots of exercise and costs you absolutely nothing. Many European cities are also very bicycle friendly, and renting a bike for the day can be a great way to explore a city.

Budget airlines: There are two great budget airlines in Europe, EasyJet and RyanAir, and together they fly all over Europe to most major destinations, and at excellent prices. This is a great option if you are short on time and want to travel faster or over larger distances.

Lease a car: If you are going to be travelling in Europe for an extended amount of time and want to hire a car, it can often be cheaper to lease a car instead. Many companies such as Peugeot lease cars for a certain amount of months.

Having Fun When Backpacking In The Rain

When backpacking in the rain, make sure to use a waterproof backpack, pack lightweight rain gear, cover other items in the exposed pockets of your bag, get rid of your wet clothes immediately, and use camp towels instead of cotton towels to keep you dry.

baackpacking rain

The weather can suddenly turn from beautiful, bright and sunny to dismal, gray and drizzly. Prepare for rain on your outdoor trip, so that it doesn’t dampen your fun. Here are some backpacking tips to help you enjoy yourself despite the rain:

Be certain to use a backpack that is waterproof

At the top of your list should be a waterproof backpack. There are various types of these sold at camping as well as specialty stores. You are going to need to evaluate everything that you will want to take with you then get the one that is the right size for you. For easy access to your rain coat and tarp in the event of a heavy downpour, find one with straps that fit you comfortably and has outer pockets.

Remember to include lightweight rain gear when you pack

It is very important that you do not forget your rain gear. You need to use the one that is just right for your needs.

* Rain coat–You should definitely get a raincoat. You need to be able to waterproof your backpack. Make sure the length is just right to cover your pants, but so big it will get in the way of hiking. Pack your raincoat and place it in the outside pocket of your backpack so you will have easy access to it when it begins to rain and to avoid exposing the other items stored in your bag.

* Lightweight shoes–You should wear lightweight hiking shoes when backpacking as they dry easily and result in fewer blisters. Also, please be positive that they have non-slip soles.

Remember also to wear clothing that dries quickly

Cotton shirts, denim jeans and cotton socks can absorb copious amounts of sweat and water, particularly when it rains. And because they are very difficult to dry out, try to avoid using them whenever you go backpacking. Woolen material would be the best choice to have. Be sure to pack some extra clothes.

* Rain tarp–A rain tarp, also called a rain fly, can be used as a temporary shelter you can attach to the trees. It’s a good idea to have one in an easily accessible outside pocket in case of rain.

Make sure all items in the bag, especially those stored in exposed pockets, are covered up

There could be other items in the outer pocket of your bag that needs to be protected from the rain, such as your sleeping bag. Keep your sleeping bag dry and free from damage is possible if you roll it up and use the carrying case or purchase a waterproof carrying case for extra protection.

Remove the wet clothes right away

As soon as the rain stops, immediately change out of those wet clothes to avoid getting sick or worse, hypothermia. Change into warm new clothes as soon as you can and hang your wet clothes to dry.

Camp towels can keep you drier than cotton ones

Cotton towels may absorb water well, but they make poor travel companions for backpackers. Aside from being bulky, they are very heavy when wet. A camp towel will work much better and can be found in most sporting goods stores.

Bring the right gear and be prepared for bad weather, and you will have a rewarding trip. These hints can help you enjoy your trip without worrying about what the weather brings.

First Aid Backpacking Tips

Most major injuries can be avoided, but sometimes no matter how careful you are an injury will occur. Even if it’s a minor one it still needs attention. Every backpacker should have an understanding of basic first aid. If there is a major accident then help could be a long way away, so having basic first aid knowledge can be vital. Even if you do not suffer a major accident, there are still some simple things you can do to prevent problems while backpacking.


The first thing you need is a good first aid kit. This is an important piece of equipment. You will need to have some basic items in your kit to ensure you are ready for almost anything that can come your way. The following list are backpacking tips that will give you some idea of what to include.

-Band aids of different shapes and sizes
-Antibiotic ointment
-Hydrocortisone cream
-Alcohol pads
-Ace bandages
-Hand sanitizer
-Gauze pads
-First aid tape
-Cold pack

You may also want to include a powered energy drink which is a good item if you were to get stranded to help keep your energy up.

One of the biggest parts of first aid is prevention. You should understand what you can do to prevent accidents. This will go a long way to helping keep you safe on the trail. You should always make sure your equipment is in good shape. You also need to wear protective gear. Have a good plan for your backpacking trip and tell someone about it so they can be aware if you should become missing. You should learn about poisonous plants so you know what to avoid. You should also learn about basic survival skills.

You can not prevent everything, though, so you should also learn basic first aid. One of the biggest things is to try to keep all supplies sanitary. This includes trying to clean hands as best as possible before treating a wound or injury. Bacteria grows quickly and once it is introduced to an injury things can get worse quickly. You should take a first aid course to brush up on the basics, so if you should veer need them you know them.

Advantages of Online Travel Guide


More and more people are searching the Internet; therefore, the online travel guides have become very popular compared to their print counterparts. However, as both brands have their own set of advantages and limitations.

Online travel guides can be very helpful if you are confused about where to go while planning for a holiday tour. Before you even think of packing your bags and heading out for the destination it is a good idea to check out online travel guide. It offers you a wide range of services and options whether you’re looking for a city break in Paris, London, Edinburgh or New York. You can check out the weather forecast or airport information, know about hotels, cost , commuting , places of interest and safety when your are looking for a cruise, beach or ski holiday.

You can access this information from over the net from anyplace in the world. The travel guides offer almost every service a tourist needs for his safe and enjoyable travel. You just need to log on to the website and put in the details of the destination place. You will get all the details about how to approach that place and what are possible ways of going there. You can also find information about booking tickets, hotel, accommodation and fare, city guide and maps, places of interest, weather, security services and also additional necessary information about currency and embassy services. There are variety of services provider like hoteliers present on various online travel guide websites and you can simply compare and book your reservation at the cheapest rate possible. Moreover, travel guides can also suggest pre programmed tour packages at discounted rates so that you don’t miss out the fun.

Online travel guides specialised to suit the interest of the costumers and they have separate web-pages for pilgrimage, honeymoon, adventure or family tour to major cities. However before opting for any online travel agent you must confirm the genuineness of the services and safety from the embassy of your country. Also, apart from budget management, insurance and medical immunization and other precautions must be taken in to account. And then have a happy journey!!

Online Travel Guide – Explore Your Traveling City

online travel guide

Every one of us has our own dream to travel. Maybe, we are hoping that someday we will be able to visit different places that we dreamed to visit. People often dream of traveling because of the thinking that for now it is better to ream than to try because of the crises. Most of them thought that it is difficult to travel knowing that there is economical oppression happening all over the world. However, if we look closely, we are capable of traveling now than before. This is because there are now available resources for cheap vacation.In terms of resources, this travel guide is the best that we can have is an online travel guide. the best help in finding ways to have a cheap vacation in a place we want to visit. We can also rely on the travel guide to have a wider perspective on the place at a given time. This is very useful especial to a place that you have best interest. You can explore whatever city it is. For sure, internet has the information that you will need.

If you go further, you can see that there is world travel guide that is far more efficient in providing the necessary information. With the travel guide, you can go anywhere you want as long as you have the access in all the information that you need. You can also get different tips from this guide and help you find the perfect spot to stay when having your vacation. Travel guide nowadays can give you the luxury of having a well-planned vacation. You will not get disappoint wherever you will go because of the ideas that you can find. Have a wonderful vacation with a stress-free travel guide, world travel guides way of getting all the necessary information that you need.

You do not need to go far or spend much hours looking for ways in finding the best information that you will need. Of course, you are probably thinking of the possible ways to get discounts wherever you want to go. Reliable travel guide provides the information you need to explore and enjoy a lifetime vacation of yours. Do not wait for tomorrow to come if you can visit now the city that you dream to visit. Travel guide is the only thing you need to avoid any hustle going around the city.

Let’s look at what the Travel Guides offer. Travel guides have become an indispensable tool for anyone who thinks of holidays. A Travel Guide is full of useful tips, detailed information, ideas, etc. in addition to being well written, well presented and well indexed.

The guides of the city focused on information on all aspects of Travel. You can get good information on how to achieve, Attractions, Tours, festivals, history and different types of accommodation available, such as inns, hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts. Practice cards make it easy for newcomers to identify the exact destination.

An ideal travel guide should also briefly describe the leisure activities associated with more mundane activities of life that can be done in a particular city. Another important aspect that is usually missed is the public transport in cities where the land in place of a passenger. A real Travel Guide is also meant to give precise information on the transport highlighting bus, taxi and auto fares.

Another important aspect of a guide to the city is to have a semblance of balanced reporting. This is important because travel can be both, as well as for businesses.